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Vietnam Hair Style

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Traditional Vietnamese Braids

Traditional Vietnamese Braids, Vietnam women often sport long, straight hair that flows freely down their backs. Styles vary greatly from one woman to the next, but commonly a heavy head of hair is tiered into a bun at the nape of the neck, with long strands framing either side. Alternately, a single strand is often left loose and cascades down the back like water droplets on hot pavement.

Traditional Vietnamese Hair Accessories

Traditional Vietnamese Hair Accessories, Traditional Vietnamese hair accessories are an important part of Vietnamese culture. They can range from very simple items, such as a headband or ribbon, to more elaborate pieces, such as a tiara or a necklace. Accessories can be worn on the hair, on the neck, or around the wrist. They are often made of natural materials, such as flowers or leaves, and many feature intricate designs.

Vietnam Hair Style

Vietnamese Haircut Near Me

Vietnamese Haircut Near Me, Looking for a new Vietnamese haircut near you? Check out our list of the best places in the area to get your hair done! From cutting-edge barbershops to upscale salons, we’ve got you covered.

Khan Dong

Khan Dong, Khan Dong is a popular tourist destination in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The area is well known for its delicious street food and lively nightlife. Khan Dong is also the birthplace of several famous Vietnamese people, including the writer Nguyễn Duy Trinh and the actress Ngô Thụy Chín.
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