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Lil Baby Hair Styles

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Lil Baby Hair Styles

Lil Baby Hair Stylist

Lil Baby Hair Stylist, Being born with curly hair is definitely a blessing. However, not all babies have such soft and shiny locks. If your baby’s hair is dry, frizzy, or has a lot of knots in it, there are some great lil baby hair styles that you can try to tame the mane. Here are five of the best:
1.braids: This classic look can be done with either fresh or dried hair. Start by sectioning off the hair into two pieces and tying each one into a small braid. Secure each end with a rubber band. Leave the braids down as you go about your day to let them air-dry. When you’re ready to take them down, gently untie each braid and let them hang loose.2.ponytail: This style is perfect for kids who don’t have much curl to work with.
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